Do not make the same mistakes!

*Do you remember Deathfire Grasp? Because I do. And guess what happened to it? It got removed. Why? Well, because it literally fked over almost all champions that couldn't use it effectively. You are repeating your mistakes with the Duskblade of Draktharr.* *Not only does it give very good stats for Assassins, which are, by itself, very good and could be used as an item, but it gives you a passive called **Nightfall**. It gives you a Zed ultimate, and, not only that, it's used to effectively fight against tanks. **WHAT THE CLUCK?!** Why is this a stupid idea, you might ask? In itself, the item is broken. It's going to allow AD Assassins to shine. {{champion:238}} **Zed**, {{champion:157}} **Yasuo** and {{champion:91}} **Talon** may become top picks in the mid lane, and completely stomp everyone else. Problem is, the item will influence other lanes too.* **** ADCs. They will easily abuse this item. Botlane is gonna be a cluckfest I'm too scared to even talk about it. **** Jungle... oh God no oh God no oh God no. Imagine if the *Predator* becomes viable again. The Big C. The Cancer Kitty. Rito admitted that having that champion in this game is simply emberassing. And if he becomes a top pick... It will be sad. **** Now, even the **idea** of this item is a total miss. Assassins are specialized in stomping squishies but are weak against tanks, and that's totally fine. Strong against one group, weak against the other. But, wouldn't it be fun if they were strong against both groups? If someone asked you 'Hey, what's the strongest champion in the game?', that you'd actually have an answer! That doesn't sound fun? Of course not. Assassins, with that item, will be strong against both squishies and tanks. Not good at all, I believe. On the other hand, this item isn't so strong until you get some damage, which is a good thing. I may be totally wrong on what I said, but, nonetheless, adding an item that serves for a similar purpose as the one which was removed is completely stupid. So simply don't add the item in the game. Just remove it from PBE. Don't make the same mistakes! As I said, I may be wrong. But oke.
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