Quinn buff/change

personally i really feel a lot of people have forgotten about Quinn she is rarely played as the role she is meant to play which is adc. I feel Quinn can easily become a viable adc if u just change how her ult work, increase her AA range, as well as making her e less clunky, if her auto range was increased too 550 or 600 it would really help her in lane which is where she struggles because most adc out range her so triggering her passive is really hard, and if you use your e vault to get in range for it certain champs such as Ezreal can blink into tower range in the middle of your e and your e will vault you into tower range, like it should at lest try to vault you out of the tower range, such as how yasuo can use his ult on the champion that is under tower and her ults on the edge instead of going under the tower, i feel quinns vault should work that way when someone use a blink/dash ability, also her ult is one of the worst ults for a adc you become a melee assassin, like what adc would want to go dive into the enemy adc just to assassinate them then die her ult could be so much better instead of become a melee assassin, such as her ult could allow you to have increased AA range and attack speed and ever auto attack for 5 secs triggers her passive.
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