Feedback on the new Skarner

I haven't gotten a chance to play skarner in an actually 5v5 yet so I'm going to come back on and talk more when i do get the chance to. But i wanted to just quickly throw down some ideas that hit me right away in a custom game. - First of all i love that direction (still need to try it for real) but the feel in the jungle alone was fantastic, well done :) - The new particle for his AA speed buff i thought might be a little to crowding and unnecessary. The waves of green that come off him now make him almost disappear when in the jungle spamming your Q and shield. so many shiny things just make skarner hard to see amongst them. if your going for a visual representation for the AA speed buff maybe just leave it at the empowered glowing claws? there is never a time when you are not empowered but have your AA speed buff and vise could even change its color or make it grow down his arms to represent how many stacks he has. just a thought - Maybe I'm wrong but i do beleve (currently on live) that on occasion if I'm running top speed chasing someone else going really fast due to the animation of Skarner's Q originating from him and going outwards it can get damn near impossible to hit things in-front of you unless you are on top of them. they just manage to get out of the max range of Q before it can go out and hit them. any chance that now that it is no longer a perma slow mechanic that could be looked at? it would suck to never get a AA speed buff because your running at people to fast. that's all for now, ill post on here after a few actual games

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