About bonus armor penetration & champion stats in general

(that can only be gotten from Yasuo's R at the moment), If you add that stat to the champion stat popup where we can already check our percentage penetrations, lifesteal/spellvamp and such, please take that chance to give it some love, like: * Adding the total Gp10 in there too (sometimes i'm not sure what runepage got through champ select and i'd be glad to know if i have at least some Gp10 or just nothing) * Possibly other stats like reduced damage from minions/monsters or the onhit damage on them etc... I for one, love detailed RPG-like stat windows * Color relevant stats like they are in the tooltips, like: - Physical stats (armor pen, AS, lifesteal...) in dark red - AP in green - Spellvamp NOT in green because people would keep thinking it only applies to magical damage - Armor in yellow - etc. Just one of thos little QoL things that make the experience better still by improving clarity.
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