Dragons stacking and possible improvements (Riot please read, I want to get my point across)

I want to start out by saying that I really enjoy the concept of elemental dragons. My favorite so far is definitely the fire one because as a player, I enjoy stacking damage and omg, the idea of 24% extra ad and ap permanently is so good. Needless to say, you guys have done a phenomenal job to make it hard to ignore dragons. I've been watching competitive for a long time and recently, I've noticed a trend of pros only picking up dragons when a) they can't fight baron, b) there's no risk involve (rotation and all that jazz), or c) when they can't really take any towers. Ever since the removal of pure gold from dragons from the start of season 5, dragons never quite become a priority it once was when Samsung White was crushing people left and right (like they got a 30 k gold lead one game at worlds because of the dragon gold) but with this implementation of elemental dragons, I hope that people will start caring about drake again because getting drakes will enhance every style of gameplay. I mean let's look at each drake and what they do for a second. If you're like me and love stacking damage to body people in skirmishes/team fight , get the fire dragon. If you like playing Caitlyn and siege, get the earth one. If you like playing poke or hate playing against poke, then the water dragon is for you mate. If you like running around the map and roam, then the air dragon is just for you. However, this is where I start to get really annoyed at the system. Like say if I'm picking Caitlyn and likes to sit In one lane and force people to defend, I don't really care about the air dragon because chances are I'm not gonna be moving around a lot anyway. I'm gonna care about the earth and fire dragon and maybe the water one. What's my point? I don't like how the current system randomly spawns one of the 4 dragon meaning that there's no guarantee that I will get the dragons that best fit my situation. I mean, I have to contest for the dragon to deny it for the enemy team, I'm gonna be fighting constantly like shit dude, I want to get the dragons I want the most. Furthermore, unless I'm wrong, elemental dragons only spawns within the first 35 minutes meaning that after that, I only get elder dragon. Don't get me wrong, the buff by itself is good but say I'm a jungler, I lost all my chances to get an elemental dragon within that time frame but get a lucky steal on the elder dragon but the problem is, I will get no extra bonuses from the elemental dragons. Don't get me wrong, I like the elder drag buff and all but not having the extra enhancement for getting the elemental drag stack is annoying. If you have read this much into the post, thank you and now I shall reward you by telling you what I think should be an improvement to the current system. Right now, **_I'm suggesting at least 1 of these 4 _**should be implements into the dragon system. (I will also give my reasoning too of course) 1) How about 4 different drag camps all at once? Never before in league has there been 4 different dragons at the same time. Having this system would create tradeoffs because let's face it, it's impossible to compete 4 different drag camps at the same time. It's quite simple really, if I want to get the fire dragon, I will give up the chance to fight the air dragon. Idk how you would fit 4 dragons into current map but idk, maybe you can expand summoner's rift if you want to (I mean I see some "off spaces" out side of the map so maybe now is a good time to make use of those empty spaces) 2) Lower drag spawn time to say like 4 or 5 minutes instead of 6. Ok, making more dragon camps is too hard so how about make it easier to stack them? Less spawn time for dragons mean that I can contest the dragons (which admittedly is very tempting after at least this patch). This would encourage more dragon team fights which would make the game a lot more exciting for many reasons and would empower decision making too. "Ok, I know dragons spawn faster now so do I want to sit here and farm and let my opponents get more dragons or do I want to ruin their day and make sure I'm the one getting dragons". You just have to understand mate, I love these dragon stacks ok? I want to get them as much as possible and If I must take risk to get them, then I want to do so as much as possible (I'm never the patient person so I don't like to wait 6 minutes but 4 or 5 mins ain't too bad). 3) This goes along with number 1 in a way and the 3rd change I would like for it to be possible to stack elemental dragon stacks after 35 minutes. THe idea behind this is that you should be competing for more elemental dragons stacks while competing for the elder dragon too. In the current system, it's impossible to get over 6 elemental dragon stacks. I do realize that to make the best use out of the elder drag stacks, you only need 1 stack of each elemental dragons but that's too random (Like I have play 10 custom games against bots meaning that I should get 6 in every games and not once has this happen and I don't really like that at all). When you consider that there are 12 possible elemental dragon stacks and that the empowered one only last 90 seconds (I could be wrong on this tbh), it's frustrating when you fail to capture a single elemental drag stacks and get none of those very advantageous bonuses. Plus if I'm a pro and I've been playing 80 minutes, hm.... I would like to have some more elemental drag stacks on top of the elder one too (like I would be a little sad if the 90 seconds window run out and I have only 1 fire drag stacks instead of 3) 4) this is probably my favorite of these 4 ideas so if you have to do one, do this one plz. The last idea I have for the dragon system is to allow the team who secures the dragon a majority voting on which dragon stacks to be spawn next. I feel like the time frame of the window should be 2 minutes ( I mean ok, the spawn time for the dragons are 6 minutes so you're not missing out much as far as dragon goes. Now let me elaborate on this idea. The first dragon should be randomized but the dragons spawn after that shouldn't be. Ok say I secure the first dragon (preferably fire dragon). Then, a window will appear with all 4 dragons icons appearing on it. Obviously, I'm gonna pick the fire one but my teammates might not like it (BOOOOOO). After the first round, (this is theoretical), 2 picks fire, 2 picks water, and 1 pick earth. then a second round voting will be created with only the fire and water on it and obviously, the winner of this vote with at least 3-2 will decide which elemental dragons will be spawn next. If the players can't decide which drag stacks to be spawn (2 minutes is plenty of time in my opinion) or if no clear majority is reach (clear majority as in 3 votes) within the 2 minutes window, then the sytem will randomly picks which drag will be spawn. Obviously there's no need to create 4 different drag camps under this system lol and it implements the idea of democracy too so yeah, teamplay :). Thank you for reading all of this and I hope at least 1 of these 4 ideas get implemented.
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