Hunter's Talisman, Refillable Potion, and Hunter's Potion are undertuned

I was testing Riven jungle and was shocked to see Hunter's Talisman as a recommended item instead of Hunter's Machete. I ignored that recommendation and bought the machete instead as well as 3 health pots. It was only a slightly better clear than on live, but I was still too low to gank effectively or invade which was fine. I was able to do a full clear without risk of death. I had a decent start. After that game, I decided to see if those recommendations had any merit, and I was a fool to think so. I could barely clear the second camp and had to back. I was even more foolish to think that Hunter's Potion was useful, but I only had so much gold, so I upgraded my Refillable Potion thinking that it wouldn't hurt. My clear was around a minute and a half slower just to clear my jungle. That is a ridiculous drop compared to machete start and opting for 3 normal Health pots instead of that stupid potion. So, as of now, it's a 5 camp clear to get your jungle upgrade, 6 to get the upgrade + wards, and if you gank at lvl 3 and succeed it would be as if you got those 2 camps (if assist) + a lead for your lane. Until they buff/change these 3 items: Hunter's Talisman, Refillable Potion, and Hunter's Potion are, then don't dare buy them.
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