THIS IS A GAMEPLAY FEEDBACK SO DON'T TELL ME THAT I CANNOT SAY WRITE IT INTO THE PBE Clarity and Clairovoyance are the weakest summoner spells in the game and I propose a rework or a removal. For Clarity: make it aveiable only in ARAM cause because is meaningless into the summoner rift. For Clairovoyance: I worked on a rework to make it a great choise: CLAIROVOYANCE: *Live* Cooldown: 60s Reveals a target area for 5s.   *Rework* Cooldown: 75s Reveaks a target area for 8s. Having Clairovoyance open the acces to 4 new special types of sighstone 4 base + 4 upgrade (like the items for smite). TIER 1 SIGHSTONE (has the normal effects, stat and cost of the normal one + a new passive) Sighstone #1: . Clairovoyance has 60s Cooldown and grant true vision of the area. Sighstone #2: . For each enemy champion revealed with Clairovoyance, your champion gains 30 gold. Sighstone #3: . Clairovoyance last for 5s instead of 8 but has an ammo system (max 3 charges) and has 50 second cooldown. Sighstone #4: . Ally champion has +15% bonus movement speed into the area revealed by Clairovoyance. TIER 2 SIGHSTONE: (works like the gem for the jungle items). Upgrade #1: Fighter Sighstone + Phage +140 gold (Total cost 2125g). Hp +350 Ad +50 Unique passive – rage: (the page one) Unique passive – chaser: Your champion basic attacks steals 5 attack damage and 5 ability power from the target for 3s, this effect stack 5 times. Upgrade #2: Juggernout Sighstone + Giant’s bell + 325 gold (Total cost 2125g). Hp +400 Tenacity +20% (is not a unique passive and stack with other tenacity eff multiplicatively). Unique passive: Each time your champion is near to an ally ranged champion, increase your champion movement speed by 5%. Upgrade 3#: Savior Sighstone + Fiendish codex + Faerie charm +325 gold (Total cost 2125g) Hp +150 Ap +50 Mana rgn +75% Cooldown reduction +10% Unique passive: Increase the strenght of heals and shields by 20% if casted on ally champions. Upgrade 4#: Caster Sighstone + Faerie charm x2 + ruby cristal + 565 gold (Total cost 2125g) Hp +400 Mana rgn +125% Unique passive: Reduce your summoner spell cooldown by 15%. P.S.: The standard sighstone is still aveiable for purchases so you are not forced to pick Clairovoyance. Tell me in the comment section below your thoughts and I hope Riot appreciate what I'm doing :D
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