Aurelion Sol Feedback and small bugs

bugs: - the momentum from his e isn't always shown (the numerical value on the ability, not the buff) - his taunts have his voice only once every 3 times -_- Feedback: - make it so that his e can not be cancelled in the first 0.15 seconds or so, when you want to go somewhere you usually spam the right-click (and the ability). Don't want to lose you dash right? - allow for the q-spell to be detonated right away. Right now I can spam q but the stun will only come after 0.5 sec, and an enemy can easily escape during that - Even though it was pretty clear to me I suggest you add in the passive's description the existence of his outer limit (say that stars like to orbit around him and so can't go too far or something). This will keep confusion from happenning in the first month of his release (his q and w have range depending on it) so that people understand why the star from his q keeps going when you follow it or stops early when you run away. Lastly: You should do Something to the stars orbiting around him when he recalls (a good way would be to make it so that the stars look as though they are being sucked in little by little by the vortex (instead of just dissapearing and reapearing)

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