Hey guys, I know I'm not the only one this happens to but many times I've found myself in a situation when I run out of mana and one ability would help me either finish someone off or save myself so I end up praying that my mana regenerates fast enough so I can use it soon. And as abilities level and manacosts change it's rather annoying to have to check the cost then check my mana then try to figure out when I will be able to use it again based on my regeneration rate etc. So since there's a new HUD I thought I would suggest something that I think might help us with that. Whenever you don't have mana for an ability we should have an indicator such as a bar or a circle near that ability that will fill as our mana regenerates, when it gets full it means you have enough mana to use the ability and the indicator should then dissapear. I think it would be no great feat but in my searches around the boards I haven't found anyone suggest something similar and I think it could be implemented into the HUD without cluttering it, like the new ult circles :) Or it could be just a timer on the oposite side of the keybind text. Or maybe it could even be implemented in the cooldown timer itself, if the ability is available but no mana time how long it will take for you to have enough mana for it I hope you will consider :) Here's a quick mockup I edited for how it could be: http://i.imgur.com/H7k2JE8.png
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