So I tried the new Ryze on PBE and I have to say he seems like more than a machinegun than ever before. The new Passive is very intresting in the fact that when you have 5 stacks you can get about nearly 2-3 spellrotations out which initself is crazy. I find this pretty interesting because now you have this crazy amount of spells you can dish out but half of them are skillshots which are blocked by the first unit meaning that without ult the target can hide behind a minionwave somewhat decently and not take too much damage (if you are not feed ofc). But on the other hand gives you this mostroly dps if you can dish it out freely (in a heavy cc comp or so I think he could be a monster). I like this concept but have little change that I would like. **Plz change the Passive to Basic Abilities **(or make his Ult CD higher) cause with the new Ryze I don't think I had a point after Lvl 16 where my Ult wasn't up. I could just spam my ablities and get it back super fast with one minionwave on which i used my ult itself (like what?). What are your thoughts on this?
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