Sooo... is no one going to talk about how Rengar is the most disgusting rework I have ever seen?

I swear to lord Morello that the person who reworked the last iteration of Ryze snorted the ashes of Guinsoo and fucking went AT IT with this new Rengar. I don't think I have encountered such a disgustingly overpowered abomination of a champion in quite some time. Holy fucking shit. You think Nidalee is bad? Mordekaiser pre nerfs? Nah, this rengar takes the fucking cake by far. Not even the old Ryze is this disgusting And the worst part is that it's just PBE players playing this new Rengar. Imagine a Rengar OTP, a challenger player playing this macabre shit. In all seriousness, what the fuck is wrong with you Riot?
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