[6.13 Planned] Adjustments to.. more Stuff! [Part 2 - Teleport / Support Items]

**UPDATED Note** Looks like some of the numbers got messed up in a merge. Eugh. I'll be working on trying to figure this out today. :/ {{summoner:12}} **Teleport Re-balancing** **Context: ** Teleport's power is fairly strong at the moment and it's only gaining in popularity. These adjustments are designed to give enemies sufficient warning to react to a powerful use of Teleport - as well as generally make the spell easier to play around. * Teleport Channel Time: 3.5 --> 4.5 * Teleport destination point is no longer random on the target. Instead - you will appear on the side of the object closest to your nexus. * In practical terms, what this means is that, if you teleport to a tower - you will appear behind the tower - not at some random point around it. * Teleport destination VFX is now shown if you have vision within **500 units** of the target point. * In practical terms, if they teleport to a brush **that you do not have vision in** - you will still see a teleport channel particle **so long as you have vision of the area around the brush**. * Teleport now automatically does a soundless 'OMW' ping to your allies - denoting both where you will specifically end up - and who is coming. {{item:3301}} **Ancient Coin Line Buffs / Changes** {{item:3069}} **Context: ** Because... well - because I probably nerfed it way too hard in S2016 because we didn't like the defined identity it had. That was likely a mistake on my part. {{item:3301}} **Ancient Coin** * Cooldown Reduction: 0% --> 5% * Other stats unchanged {{item:3096}} **Nomad's Medallion** * Recipe Revised: Ancient Coin + Faerie Charm + 375 G = 850 G (Total Cost Unchanged) * Cooldown Reduction: 0% --> 10% * HP Regen : 50% --> 25% * MP Regen : 25% --> 75% * Other stats unchanged **Context:** These two changes are intended to push Coin into a heavy spell-based pattern - in contrast to Targon's last hitting or Spellthief's aggressive attack / spell harass combos. Coin simply gives you more potential spells and the mana to sustain that pattern in lane. {{item:3069}} **Talisman of Ascension** **Recipe Change:** Raptor's Cloak + Nomad's Medallion + 450 G = 2500 G Total * Armor: 0 --> 45 * HP Regen : 100% --> 150% * MP Regen : 100% --> 75% * Gains another passive - Point Runner: Builds up to 20% Movement speed over 2 seconds while near turrets, fallen turrets and void gates. * Retains previous AoE speed boost Active. * Other stats unchanged **Context:** The addition of Raptor's Cloak being the component for Talisman of Ascension is hoping to do a couple of things. It brings the roam / mobility fantasy online a lot quicker. It provides an interesting tension of components you can build early - as an early Chain Vest can be acquired in this build path. {{item:3114}} **Spooooky Idol and Friends** {{item:3222}} **Context:** Now that Forbidden Idol doesn't build into Talisman - and in fact, really only builds into two items - that leaves open some interesting opportunity space to specialize the component. {{item:3114}} **Spoopy Idol** * **Total Cost**: 550 --> 850 * Gains another passive: +10% Heal and Shield Power * Other stats unchanged {{item:3222}} **Mikael's Crucible** * **Combine Cost**: 850 --> 650 * **Total Cost**: 2300 --> 2400 (Due to Forbidden Idol cost increase) * Heal / Shield Power : 0% --> 15% * Other stats unchanged {{item:3504}} **Ardent Censer** * **Combine Cost**: 800 --> 700 * **Total Cost**: 2200 --> 2400 (Due to Forbidden Idol cost increase) * Heal / Shield Power : 0% --> 15% * MP Regen : 100% --> 50% * Ability Power : 40 --> 60 * Other stats unchanged **Context:** Forbidden Idol hasn't been a terribly useful component item as it was basically made as a way to 'explain' certain end-game statistics on items. This pattern of items hasn't worked - so we took a look at what items the item builds into and decided to add Heal / Shield Power to better fit and lock in the power of the upgrades to enchantress type supports. Ardent Censer has been shifted around to give a bit more punch to everything you do. The mana regeneration of the item has been hit given that the item improves your mana efficiency of a heal spell by quite a bit. {{item:2045}} **Ruby Sightstone** * **Combine Cost**: 600 --> 400 * **Total Cost**: 1800 --> 1600 * Active Item CDR: 10% --> 20% * Other stats unchanged **Context:** The Eyestones are doing very well in high-tier play - mostly in that they let you rush your 2nd/3rd item and give you an additional ward early. By contrast, Ruby isn't really holding up to something like a Locket or Crucible rush. This change is intended to make Ruby even more multiplicative late game with an heavy active item build - while also re-examining what the item should actually cost - as active item cdr by itself is fairly useless. {{item:3117}} **Some QoL buffs - courtesy of Gypsylord, hallowed be his name** {{item:3303}} {{item:3117}} **Boots of Mobility** * Attacking a Ward no longer triggers Boots of Mobility's in-combat reduced movement speed. {{item:3303}} **Spellthief's Edge** * Killing **non-lane** minions no longer deactivates Spellthief's Edge's passive. (For example: Voidlings or Zyra Plants.)
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