Is it me or is Ardent Censer horribly weak at 2200g?

Even at 1900g it didn't have good stats for its price point and as a support, you really want to buy items with efficient stats or gamechanging actives. This new item will not be picked up even by the supports that can use it the most ({{champion:40}} /{{champion:43}} ) because it's just too expensive for what it does. Not to mention, if you buy a chalice/crucible then the mana regen is rather wasted on top on a Frost Queen's or a Talisman. The CDR might be wasted just because of the over-abundance of CDR items that there are. As {{champion:40}} you'll likely pick up Talisman and then pick up either Crucible and Locket. That's already 40% CDR with masteries. Heck, currently I even run 15% CDR on {{champion:40}} for 35% after Talisman, then build Crucible without wasting gold. The AP is very little when you compare it to say, Morello's at the same price point. The only interesting part about the stats it gives is the movement speed. But generally, the stats are rather inadequate even if you can use all of them. The passive doesn't make up for it and I feel people over overrating it quite a bit. If you compare this item to Twin Shadows or Morello's (who both have similar costs) you can see how this item doesn't feel good being picked up by the support. Ultimately, I just don't feel this item is going to help support itemisation and much like Ohmwrecker (which suffers from the same problems) isn't going to be built competitively at all. At the 1800-1900g price point it seems fair, but not currently. It needs a cost decrease or increase in stats. It's not a good item. Seems like a trap item {{champion:43}} or {{champion:12}} would pick up but they're better off with more cost efficient items regardless. Am I the only one that feels this way? I hope I'm proved wrong but this feels like another {{item:3056}} .
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