Suggestion: The Honor System

Would it be possible to make the Honor system more prevalent? I mean, right now it's hard to get a banner, even if you're honored most games. Suggestions: **Merge Honor** I understand Honorable Opponent. But splitting ally honors into Helpful, Teamwork and Friendly is unnecessary. Either the team member should be honored or not. As it stands Helpful and Friendly are used far less than teamwork and end up being a pointless contribution by someone who thinks they're being nice. That's unfair to the person honoring and the receiving party. Your team would benefit from simply having **"Honorable Ally"**. It's simpler and if someone is friendly, helpful or good in a team, they are likely to get this honor regardless. **Honor Banner Ranks** It's really hard to get a banner for honor. I'm not saying everyone should have a banner, but you could make the threshold lower by adding ranks to the banners (different icons). That way more players can receive *something* and feel good about it. **Feedback** The tooltip text in your profile for the honor could display a positive (or simply no) message based on your honor. **Sounds & Effects** A nice sound and effect when you're honored would be nice.

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