Summoner's Rift Feedback

**VISUAL BUGS** * When hovering over a turret a small dot appears: * The leaves at the fauntain have an outline, also there's a shadow underneath: * When Janna shields a turret the shield's size is way bigger than it should be: * When the announcer volume is set to 0, messages on top of the screen such as "Welcome to Summoner's Rift", "First Blood", etc. show up for only half a second. **CONCERNS** * **Turret shot visibility** - It might just be me since I'm not used to the new stuff, but I have a harder time seeing who's getting hit by the turret. As a support player I need this information quickly in order to take appropriate actions as fast as possible. (I'm not colorblind or have any kind of eye disorder) * **Shop range** - I don't know if this has been discussed already but just like on live, I can buy from [here]( and I can't buy from [here]( Is this going to be fixed, since it's really annoying for bot lane? **SUGGESTIONS** * The Dragon and Baron spawn animations are really epic but they lack something - ground shaking. I believe it would make things even more epic if there was a bit of camera shake when the Dragon jumps on the ground or when Baron pops out of the ground. Of course, this should only happen when you have vision and are looking at them. If I find anything else I'll add it to the post, other than that I love everything on the map and can't wait until it hits live, which I know is going to take a few months but still. GG WP Riot.
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