Tunneling with the bard, and how to make his journey less magical.

{{champion:53}} Blitz can pull enemies out of the tunnel from any angle. His ult can also damage enemies within it. {{champion:25}} Morgana can hit champions with her afk stun (Can't think of the name) but they are not rooted until they leave the tunnel. Morgana can ult champions within the tunnel. {{champion:45}} if Veigar ults a champion just before they enter the tunnel, it will chase them and kill them in it. Leaving the body in or next to the wall where it was killed. {{champion:122}} Darius can hook champions out of tunnels (We had to play around with this due to his range and wall thickness). {{champion:161}} Vel'coz can knock bard out of tunnel with e (Pretty easy to hit) his stacks still stack. laser hurts in the tunnel. His q applies the slow even after he leaves the tunnel {{champion:31}} cho can rupture people out of the tunnel. Slow is applied. {{champion:103}} w, and ult w's hit. Her charm had... interesting results. [I couldn't control Bard until I was well away from the wall. also, turn off your sound. ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHVDciMAm8M) {{champion:98}} Shen taunt hits, but doesn't disrupt the movement. if he lands his ult in the tunnel, he is placed outside of it on either side of the wall. {{champion:92}} Riven stun hits, doesn't disrupt moment, knock up knocks out of tunnel {{champion:35}} boxes panic knock enemies out of tunnel. clone cannot go through tunnels. {{champion:82}} Mord's e hit, ult ghost kills you in tunnel, and doesn't get stuck, ghost can't go in tunnels. {{champion:429}} can pull her soul bound out of the tunnel. Her soul bound follows into tunnel is grabbed, can throw self out. If bard ults kalista while holding soul bound, it disrupts the ability. her knock up can hit people out of the tunnel {{champion:59}} J4 flag knock ups. His ult gets split between the walls. The targeted player is shoved out of the wall and j4's ult. (I'll post a pic ) {{champion:268}} soldiers cannot be ulted (but don't attack because azir is in stasis). His wall blocks you from exiting, but you auto path around it. It can't stop you from exiting {{champion:34}} stuns don't displace you, but hit. Ult hurts you. eggnivia is still carried along the tunnel route if killed within it. Wall kinda worked to stop allies/enemies from entering. {{champion:267}} Bubble displaces. ult throws you out of it. {{champion:7}} chain can hit tunnelers {{champion:30}} stays where he died if in mid tunnel. {{champion:412}} this mother fucker... not only can he rip people out of the tunnel , but if he hooks an enemy and enters the tunnel, he takes the victim with him. Also, lanturn tunnel pulling works (Like blitz pull +lanturn) {{champion:32}} Aoe hurts. bandage toss hits and pulls. {{champion:36}} aoe hurts, cleaver hits (restores health) {{champion:89}} her e hits, then she runs into the nearest wall. ult also hurts, but doesn't stop movement. same with her w. procs passive. {{champion:201}} q hits, ult knocks out. *Champs I'm testing later* Fiora (Ulting/ tunneling) Janna ult Leona targeting/cc Bard on bard action (ult, q,) Nami's cc (ult and bubble) activated items. Anivia wall entrance/end Azir wall entrance/end Brand ult bounces If anyone is interested in helping me out, you can add me: The Irish Famine. I will be on for the next, three hours or so. Edit: In my night class. Ill be back on later ( 10 central time)
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