Changes I feel new poppy needs

One she needs to be less based on Armor, MR, and Health making her into a juggernaut is taking away the little bit of her identity she had left with some of this you may as well have just made a new champion. The biggest change I feel she needs is in her W - Steadfast Presence, making it give armor and MR with no base means you are forced to build tank for this ability to even be worth anything since it does no damage unless you predict like a god and pop it just before someone dash's away. what i feel it needs is either a base resistance (maybe 5-10 armor/M) or to do some damage regardless if they dash, have it do damage after a certain time has passed or even over time so people have a better chance of evading the damage since poppy will have to choose to do damage with it or use it to chase you down. TBH the only thing AD poppy gets from it is Movement speed which isn't worth a 20 second cooldown. Making it only do damage if it stops a dash is a very bad idea since you took away 35 AD and armor from it.
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