Sightstone - Enchantments?

I am curious if a red, or anyone with an opinion can weigh in on this? Basically the sightstone is a general support item. But it only offers one stat. One stat that isn't as good on some supports as others. **So I was wondering. Why not make enchantments, like the boots? and let the Sightstones be enchanted twice.** i.e. Sightstone (400g) - 1 Charge. No stats. Enchantments: - 190Hp, 2 Extra Charges - (500g) - 25 AP, 2 Extra Charges - (500g) - 15 AD, 2 Extra Charges - (500g) - 10% CDR, 2 Extra Charges - (500g) - 250 Mana,2 Extra Charges - (500g) Then you can upgrade the sightstone twice. for a total cost of 1400g i.e. maybe you get Sightstone with 5 charges, 190hp and 25ap or Sightstone with 5 charges and 30 AD 250 mana and 10% cdr, etc. But it means, building the sightstone is good for your team, and also lets you customize it to your support.
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