Champs that counter this ad meta

Personally I've been playing a few games now as one person. Who I never played before but was like "What the hell everything is free on PBE let's go(PS I only recently got my PBE account) So this champ is trundle top lane and after being destroyed by characters benefiting from this ad/life steal/ crit meta he actually stands tall as a good counter. For example, Riven is taking advantage of this fairly well from what I've seen and trundle destroys her early level damage. His chomp completely stops her in her tracks early game and ends up winning trades as long as minion aggro isn't too hard. Besides that his passive healing from his passive keeps him healthy against aggressive laners. Later game he becomes a good bodyguard just like for his support role which keeps your own adc alive but like in laning phase his chomp can dead stop damage from any ad champ. His frozen domain makes him able to heal a bit more in a fight while his passive works. His pillar becomes a great tool for protection or offensively stopping enemies and finally his ult can help himself and his friends melt away a target.(Which reminds me I wanted to figure this out, if you ult graves who has varying armor and magic resist does his ult change the AR and MR during the channel or does it only take what graves initially had upon activation? I'm assuming the latter but just wanted to know) All this makes him a really good tanky fighter, and I've found giving him the mastery that heals for like 4% of the targets health after four basic attacks work well with him too only adding to his sustain and damage. All in all I feel he's really good to counter to the excess ad we're experiencing. So what do you think is another good counter to the AD we are seing, I men Malphite is an obvious choice but I mean some others.

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