Feedback on Heartseeker Ashe

Let me firstly say that {{champion:22}} new splash is completely and utterly beautiful. Its gorgeous, I love everything about it, and I love how the team of {{champion:22}} new skin made her splash art (first I've ever seen Trynd smile like that :D). I noticed that while playing her in game, her shoes don't look like her shoes in the splash art, they are flat and heel-less. (refer to attach1 and attach2). I like her recall animation, but when her leg swings up, I expected it to settle on her other leg all sexily like in her splash. It kinda doesn't do that >.< When she slows a champion down with her Q, can the particles be pink? This is just my opinion/statement (whatever you call it ;P) on what I've noticed and I hope that they could be taken into consideration. Thanks for reading :3

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