New Jungle, Why you got to be so complicated?

**Over View** The new jungle in its current form(pre season 2015 beta) is going to change the over all meta of the game in good ways and bad ways. This post is mostly going to focus on the negative effects of the current jungle and what possible minor changes can be made to fix them. **The Big Problem: Complexity** The new jungle is just out right silly over complicated. The more complexity you add to something the more difficult it becomes to balance. Every point of complexity increases the required experiance to be good at the role of jungler. Increasing the required experiance means less players will be willing to invest time into that role, or abandon it all together. Jungle is already one of the least played roles in league. The jungler role currently on Live is the most complicated role, increasing the complexity is NOT going to help (no matter how cool new jungle is). The only way to fix this problem is to reduce and simplify the changes to the jungle. You do not need to remove them completely just simply lessen the impact. **New jungle items + Smite effects** So essentially what we have hear is something like 4 diferent smites times 4 diferent jungle paths for each smite type. 2 of the smites are offensive (work vs champions) and 2 are for speeding up jungling. Why do we need 2 smites for each? Simply combine them and balance around 1 smite for agressive ganker and 1 smite for speeding up/invading the jungle. In the current build the AOE smite is unnecissary and both offensive smites are themselves over complicated. Simply having the option to go for offensive gank smite or farm/invade smite reduces the required work of balancing 4 new summoner spells and the burden of knowledge for the player. The "Enchantments" are for the most part good. Though having the core stats of the item being an enchntment and being represented by a little colored symbol in the corner of the icon is awkward. IMO the smite augment should be the enchantment and each jungle item should have its own icon and be a proper item. **Small Camps** Personally i like the idea behind each camp giving you a reward for using smite on the large monster. The issue is the burden of knowledge placed on the player to choose and smite the right monsters to get the buff he NEEDS for certain situations. For example, with the current level of power early small camps have, most junglers can not survive the first 2 camps with out smiting either gromp or Krug for their buffs. Fixing this complexity is a bit of an issue since 2 of the camps help jungling directly and the other 2 are more based on utillity. The second issue with the small camps: wtf why am i dying to this small camp? That is because the small camp monsters now do more dmg than most champions at lvl 1-3(aswell as doing more dmg then the large buff camps). Now i dont understand the balance and thought process behind making them so strong, but if you dont know the proper runes, mastereis, champions, which camp to fight first for that champion, and what path to take after your first camp you will simply either die or not be able to jungle for the first 3-4 minutes. The burden of knowledge here is just silly of the 100+ champs only a select few can even survive in the jungle, even less can thrive in it, and all of them require masteries and runes to be succesful. The jungler role has always had this burden of knowledge though. The new changes just drastically increase the consequences of not using a "Jungler Champion". If you dont jungle with the champions Riot has designed to survive in the jungle you will basically just die or be so slow that you may aswell be AFK. In the live jungle you can dedicate your rune page and masteries and jungle moderatley with a majority of the champions. In the new jungle you need to dedicate your rune page and masteries to jungle with JUNGLE champions. **Conclusion** The new jungle is complex. The changes will further reduce the number of players who play the jungler role. The small camps are simply to strong. Smite and the augments for it are over complicated and can easily be simplified. **Small issues** Gromp's attack range is too high (why does the frog spit magic bolts anyways?) WTF chickens op: chicken camp does 125 dmg at 0.67 attack speed at lvl 1 (this is substantially more dmg than any champion or other camp can do at lvl1)

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