[Analysis] Comparison of Cull with Doran's Blade and Long Sword as starting items on ADCs

In this post, I will compare how Cull does against other starting items, namely, {{item:1075}} and {{item:1036}} . **Cull gives you extra 130 gold:** Cull costs 450 gold and gives you +5 AD and +3 Health-on-hit. Since you start with 500 gold, you can get 1 HP potion alongside it. It can be sold for 180 gold and comes with following passive: > After having killed 100 minions, grants an additional +300 Gold and permanently disables this passive. meaning, you get 100 (Passive) + 300 (Passive) + 180 (Selling Price) = 580 gold when you sell it. Since it costs 450 gold, you end up with 580 - 450 = 130 extra gold. _**Combat Effectiveness**_ **Cull Vs {{item:1075}}:** Doran's Blade costs 450 (same as Cull) and gives you +8 AD, +80 Health, and +3% Life Steal. You also start with one potion alongside it. When it comes to combat effectiveness, Doran's Blade is simply better. It gives you more AD and HP which is very useful when it comes to trading. Also, +3% Life Steal is very comparable to +3 Health-on-hit. Here is why: with runes and masteries (and Doran's Blade), you should have about 65 AD (or more) at the start of the game. 3% life steal will give you 2 Health back. **Cull vs {{item:1036}}:** Long Sword costs 350 gold and gives you +10 AD. In conjunction, you can buy Refillable Potion (costs 150 gold). Refillable Potion restore 100 Health over 10 seconds and holds up to 2 charges that refill upon visiting the store. Since Long Sword gives you twice the AD compared to Cull, it is more combat effective. Only downside to buying Long Sword is that it doesn't give health back on hit. But this is easily remedied by the fact that you have two potions which can restore up to 200 Health and are recharged when visiting the store, thus making it very cost efficient. _**General Points:**_ 1. You will probably be investing +130 Extra Gold earned from Cull into potions. Even if you buy Refillable potion after your first back, you will be losing 20 gold. 2. Another important point to note here is that you need 100 CS to fulfill the Cull's passive, which will probably happen 15+ minutes into the game. Considering how long the death timers are in PBE, combat effectiveness is much more important. 2. Doran's Blade's Life Steal becomes more effective as the game progresses towards mid to late game (more AD, more Life Steal). 3. Refillable Potion makes Long Sword probably the best starting item since it will save you the gold that you will otherwise be spending on potions. Also note that Health Potions cost 50 gold now. (Health Potions restore more HP though). Conclusion: Cull as of now is a weak item compared to other available options. It needs some kind of buff to its passive probably like "on getting a kill or assist, it will take off 5 stacks" which will help you to get to fulfilling the Cull's passive faster. Or reduce its cost or buff the AD. This is my first analysis. Please go easy on me {{champion:32}} . Let me know if you disagree with something and why.
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