The problem with Sightstone upgrades.

For the longest time, i have always had issues with Sightstone, so I was ecstatic to see Riot was implementing things to handle the issue. My issues with Sighstone are mostly the following. 1. It favors Tank supports over Utility Supports by giving them stats that they care about and directly benefit from. 2. It is incredibly Slot inefficient, essentially making half your build decided for you before you even start the game. The changed seem to fix the issue at first glance, but they come with a few issues. First, lets see how it tries to helps fix the issue. 1. Sightstone now combines with the level 2 Support items, freeing up a slot. 2. Ruby Sightstone now gives 10% CDR on Active items, meaning the health isn't the only reason to upgrade it anymore. 3. Beign able to choose between a sightstone upgrade or a triaditional support item upgrade gives choice, means you aren't building the same way every game. Here are some problems with this however: * The {{item:3098}} + {{item:2049}} Upgrade gives you _ 1 more Tribute proc over one slot_ **vs** _ twice as much AP, 10% CDR and Twin Shadow's Active + 300 health and 10% CDR on active Items over 2 slots. * The {{item:3096}} +{{item:2049}} Upgrade gives you _ 50% more Health and Mana Regen over 1 slot,_ **vs** _10% CDR, The Movespeed active + 300 health and 10% CDR over 2 slots_. * The {{item:3097}} + {{item:2049}} _Upgrade gives you 1 extra slot_ **vs **_450 health, ambient 2 gold per 10, 10% CDR, An active (one that was buffed to be more useful for Tank supports, might I add), and 10% CDR on active items over 2 slots._ Do you see the issue? :/ Basically, there is no reason to get the Targon + Sightstone upgrade over the traditional FotM plus Ruby Sightstone, as it is even more slot efficient for them after the changes and they benefit from every stat they get from it. This also makes it a flat buff to all Tanky supports now, as they did nothing but benefit from the changes. In contrast, a {{item:3303}} purchaser like Lulu or Nami, you are now either stuck with 200 health, no active , less AP and less CDR for a free slot, or with 500 health. Purchasers of {{item:3301}} also lose out on the 10 MS they used to get from the item, but now they don't get any at all. This therefore fails to give Tank supports any meaningful choice now, as they have an optimal choice, while leaves Sustain and peel supports with 2 lackluster options and leaves Utility mages with a lackluster option and a worse option, as while 10% CDR to active items benefits them, it not only benefits tank supports more simply by it still giving them 500 Health that the other support isn't benefiting as much from, but because most actives that have relevant active CD's that a support will buy are primarily and more often bought by tank support ({{item:3190}} , {{item:3800}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3056}} {{item:3060}}) , whereas Supports like Lulu, Janna, Soraka and Sona are at best getting {{item:3222}} {{item:3060}} now that {{item:3023}} was removed. In essence, it makes the problem even worse now. {{item:3301}} Supports were hit because the Active {{item:3069}} was there main reason for upgrading the item in the first place, while the passive stats were more just for getting though laning phase. This plus the removal of the +10 MoveSpeed makes getting {{item:3069}} even more of a priority, unless you are a tank support getting it like Blitz who would like the extra HP from the Sightstone Version. {{item:3303}} supports like Lulu and Nami got it mostly for the Stats it provides as well as their ability to poke and harass more effectively in lane, as they need AP where they can get it to scale their utility and CC with, on top of the old active being quite useful for engages and disengages along with some damage. This means Eye Of the Watchers will be bought on those support simply because of how inefficient Ruby Sight Stone is on them, as they end up spending more gold on stats they don't want or need simply because they are forced to. (and boy will people be down the supports through this season now that Vision wards are gone) Giving Sightstone upgrades and even combining them has been suggested in the past, but it was also suggested many times that Sightstone should have upgrades beyond Ruby Sightstone. Ruby Sightstone needs more buddies. How about something such as a **Sapphire SightStone** that gives a bit of AP instead of 350 more Health, and a Gold SightStone that Gives +10 MoveSpeed instead of 350 More Health. This would not only balance out the previous issues, but would give even more choice as now when you don't combine your sightstone and support item, you have a selection of upgrades for your Sight Stone, meaning Tank supports also have more choices. Another option could be to make RubySightstone increase the duration of potency of buffs given through actives. This way, {{item:3504}} and {{item:3050}} benefit from {{item:2045}} .
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