Please don't forget Veigar [Buff suggestions for E]

Alright, well there was word awhile ago that Veigar isn't finished being reworked, but not much since then. So I thought I'd put down some thoughts on the evil master (there are many other posts about this, but the more the merrier): Q - keep as is, i don't mind the skillshot W - make it fall a bit faster (somewhere around 0.75 - 1.0 sec maybe?) R - keep as is E - I understand that there should be a delay, so I'm saying keep the delay ... however, this little guy relied on that instant wall (or instant stun if placed correctly) to protect himself from people charging at him and for landing his full combo; and without it, he's just a sitting duck. So he should be compensated for the delayed wall E - During the delay: Apply a slow in order to make it not as easy for others to just walk out of it. Perhaps something like: 25% (+0ap) / 20% (+0.01ap) / 15% (+0.02ap) / 10% (+0.03ap) / 5% (+0.04ap) / 0% (+0.05ap) ... capping at around 75% slow. This way during the laning phase you can still potentially stop/slow a gank, might not be as good as throwing up your instant wall, but better then it is today. During the late game, lets say you got 1000AP, the slow that would be applied would be 50% ... champs do have gap closers that could be used to escape (or flash) but they'd have to use it instead of just walking out, but if that is on cooldown, then the slow may be enough to "trap" them ... also with the very brief slow and a faster drop on W, you might be able to land them every now and then. E - Add the Torment Playing on Riots words of "tormenting the victims in the cage" ... lets say that if you manage to trap/stun champs in the cage, you should be rewarded in order to torment them. Right after the delay when the walls come up and the slow removed, you are granted a free drop of 'W' per champion trapped/stunned (each dealing 20% of W's damage). So if you caught all 5 champs, damage wise, it would add up to 1 full W drop. You would proc these using E again, while the walls are up and can only be cast within the event horizon. Being that these free drops are 20% damage, maybe also add a scaling size ... 10/12/14/16/18% larger (im not sure how a circle 18% larger looks, if it is minimal or excessive ... but you get the idea). And for a little more torment maybe add: 1/2/3/4/5% extra Magic Pen per champ trap/stunned for the time that the walls are up (this could help make up for the 0.2 AP ratio drop on R ... and the removal of DFG). So at level 18, if you manage to trap all 5 enemies, you'll be granted 5 free drops (that are 18% larger) and have and additional 25% Magic Pen for the few seconds the walls are up. Just my thoughts, I'm just hoping they don't leave him like he is today. He was fun to play and now kinda frustrating. Let me know what you think
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