Ascension returns for testing!

Greetings Mortals! In patch 7.22, Xerath returns in all his Ascended glory to grant power to the most worthy warriors. This time around, we wanted to take a pass at addressing the 'Pacifist' strategy from our last visit to the Crystal Scar. To be clear, we are not in the business of dictating strategies on RGMs... that being said, we are not thrilled with gameplay that results in 5 players being held hostage for 50 minutes. Runes Reforged will also ship in 7.22 with Ascension, so we'll be looking for testing around how they interact with the game mode. We've made a few swaps already for Runes that just don't make sense in this mode (i.e. Minion Dematerializer). As a reference, here's a cool tool to explore the new Runes: Changes: * Players now have access empowered recall throughout the game, so take a break from the action and head back to base to grab some fancy new items. * Empowered recall is disabled for Ascended characters. * If you somehow manage to get back to base while you are Ascended (here's looking at you Pantheon) you will be stripped of the Ascension buff and Xerath will respawn as normal as if you died while ascended. * **Runes Swaps** * Waterwalking -> Scorch * Zombie Ward -> Ghost Poro * Minion Dematerializer -> Future's Market * Kleptomancy -> Glacial Augment * Demolish -> Font of Life Ascension will be enabled Soon(TM), good luck out there! EDIT: Ascension is now enabled for testing! EDIT 2: Recalling to base will NOT heal you. Sorry for leaving this out!
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