Cureent Azir nerf are overdone

Hey Community, I liked the playwise from Azir since his release and played him pretty often even after the range nerfs i didnt said that this was unnecesary, then he got range buffs and his e knockup was taken away while his attack speed was changed from passive cooldwon scalling into level scalling, this was kinda the best balance action you ever did. Before he just skilled q and builded morello and got so much attack speed that he could w q and give the enemys like 3 auto attacks with 1 point in w and only a morellonomicon, what was really hard to deal with early. Then you changed it and the players bought instant nashors tooth instead of morello what was a good decision and focused him more in sustained dmg than poke with perma q due morello, his knock up nerf was ok and made some counter against him. Now you reduce his base movementspeed, this is kinda weird but ok, then you nerf his q that he can only deal dmg with 1 soldier, and that's the point. The Ap ratio from 50% and the 145 base dmg is much to weak. If you want to define him as an Auto - Attacking Mage you shall buff his soldier range so he can at least deal some dmg via them. It's so easy to actually dash out of them and with the q nerf you can't really deal dmg otherwise, that's a huge nerf on my opinion. I don't even know why still nerfing him. Maybe he's super strong in competitive lcs lpl whatever, but League isn't all about the pro eSports scene, the most of the league players are acutally silver to platinum. Azir is getting stronger the higher your elo is. That doesn't mean average players don't wanna play him. You are nerfing a champ that is already hard to master only because your pros are good with him? He isn't even permapicked, he's completly balanced after last patch. If you really wanna patch this to live it would be even better to make him an and with his w scalling 1,0 total ad ratio and make it able to crit and proc on hit effects and life steal. And that alone would be pure nonsense. {{champion:268}} Don't kill the only counter of spider man Kappa!
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