[PBE Support Itemization Notes - 6.22] Redemption, Knight's Vow, Ardent Censer, Crucible, Locket...

Doing a quick post of the most of the changes on support items that you *should* be seeing on PBE as well as giving a more centralized place to host discussions and feedback. **Aegis of the Legion and the Legion Aura** This aura has always been pretty much mandatory on some champion in the game, regardless of how weak we've made it. It's either support, or jungle, or top lane in its various incarnations. We're just going to remove the aura at this point and focus Locket's identity around the shielding aspect of it - which has roughly doubled. The stat-line of the item itself still keeps its MR focus as the purpose of the item has always been to block a major area burst threat. {{item:3105}} **Aegis of the Legion** (Reworked) * {{item:1029}} + {{item:1033}} + 350 G = 1100 G * +30 Armor * +30 Magic Resist * No **other** passives or additional statistics {{item:3190}} **Locket of the Iron Solari** * {{item:3105}} + {{item:1033}} + 650 G = 2200 G * +30 Armor * +60 Magic Resist * Active Shielding :: 90 - 345 >> 70 - 665 * Active Duration :: 2 >> 2.5 * Active Shield now decays over the time period * Now has a tooltip for your largest shielded amount {{item:3060}} **Banner of Command** * {{item:3105}} + {{item:3024}} + 100 G = 2200 G * +60 Armor * +30 Magic Resist * +400 Mana * +10% Cooldown Reduction * Active :: Unchanged {{item:3001}} **Abyssal Scepter** * **Summary:** MR Shred Aura has been changed to simply amplify magic damage taken by nearby enemies. * **MR Shred**: 10 - 25 >> 0 * **Enemy Magic Damage Taken Aura**: 0 >> 10%. Now that there isn't a direct MR source aura to bolster low MR targets, Abyssal's niche becomes incredibly problematic against these targets. It's been retuned to simply amplify magic damage taken by nearby enemy champions. This is mostly meant to help alleviate the low MR situations that Abyssal created in the first place that was then offset by Aegis of the Legion's aura. **Spoopy Idol and other ~~Enchantress~~ ~~Enchanter~~ ~~Echanting~~ Mage Support Items** Some updates to the enchantress focused side of the mana regeneration items - mostly revising passives that hasn't panned out as well as we'd liked as well as solidifying the particular strengths of the two items in this line. {{item:3114}} **Forbidden Idol** * Combine Cost :: 600 >> 550 * Total Cost :: 850 >> 800 * Heal and Shield Power :: 10% >> 8% There's a third forbidden Idol item now. This change pre-emptively attempts to address some of the stacking issues that we've encountered when you can bolster your ability to heal others too much. {{item:3028}} **Chalice of Harmony** * Combine Cost :: 200 >> 100 * Passive Reworked :: Increases to your % Base Mana Regen stat now also increase your % Base Health Regen stat by the same amount. * This change also affects {{item:3222}} and {{item:3174}} Basically, if you buy a Faerie charm after having Chalice of Harmony, it'll grant you 25% Base HP Regen **and** 25% Base MP Regen. {{item:3174}} **Athene's Unholy Grail** * Combine Cost :: 450 >> 300 * Total Cost :: 2250 >> 2100 Nothing of note here - We can make a lot of enchantress items cheaper now now that Aegis isn't your guaranteed first buy and ridiculously gold efficient to boot - though admittedly that's a bit of a chicken and egg problem. {{item:3222}} **Mikael's Crucible** * Combine Cost :: 650 >> 500 * Total Cost :: 2400 >> 2100 * Heal and Shield Power :: 15% >> 20% * Active CD :: 180 >> 120 * Active Healing :: No longer heals * Active Effect :: Now grants 2 second of slow immunity to the target as well as cleansing it * Active Effect :: Successfully cleansing an effect will also grant the target 40% movement speed for 2 seconds * Active Effect :: No longer has a travel time **Context:** Mikael's has lost its active healing in exchange for more passive healing. In addition, the active portion of has been heavily retuned around letting allies who you believe will be CC'ed to break free and make up the time lost (and then some). It's role has been repositioned as mostly allowing for supporting powerful initiators or freeing someone from a CC-chain - rather than attempting to simply "save" someone who under CC + Burst windows (as that's more relegated to Locket). {{item:3504}} **Ardent Censer** * Combine Cost :: 700 >> 600 * Total Cost :: 2400 >> 2300 * Heal and Shield Power :: 15% >> 10% * Passive Attack Speed :: 25% >> 20% * Passive Magic Damage :; 25 >> 20 * Passive Magic Damage :: Is now a **Drain** effect, causing the attacker to heal for 20 whenever he attacks **as well as** deal 20 magic damage. **Context:** Censer has always been the aggressive support pick, enabling early clashes and early duels to come out in your favor. This incarnation also supplies your ADC with some sustain while they are dueling opponents - further making trades and duels for them favorable. **(NEW)** **Redemption** * {{item:3114}} + {{item:3801}} + 650 G = 2100 G Total * +400 health * +75% Base HP Regen * +75% Base Mana Regen * +10% Cooldown Reduction * Unique Active :: Target an area within 5500 Range. After 2.5 seconds call down a beam of light to heal allies for 130 - 490 Health, burn enemies for 10% of their maximum health as **true** damage and deal 250 damage to minions. (120 second cooldown.) * Unique Active :: Can be used while dead but has a cooldown equal to your respawn timer if you buy it while dead. (Because sploits.) **Context:** The other mage support items are very tactical in their nature, augmenting clutch initations and escapes (crucible) or tactical combat (censer). Redemption was created to fill a strategic niche in this space - by either controlling the space around objective fights as well as aiding pushes. The long cooldown makes it hard to use reactively in a fight - but the long range and the ability to cast while dead pushes you to carefully consider where and when you should ~~nuke opponents from orbit...~~ support your allies. **Warden Gear** {{item:3401}} **Face of the Mountain** * Active :: Now shields your ally **and** yourself upon cast. Double the slowing explosions. * Active :: Self-casting the effect will now target the nearest most wounded ally, similar to Heal. {{item:2303}} **Eye of the Equinox** * HP Regen :: 100% >> 200% Eye of the Equinox has been declining in popularity as Ruby Sightstone's buffs a couple patches ago has made the health competitive. With the loss of HP Regeneration from Locket as well - Eye of the Equinox is being pushed to cover some of the regeneration gaps in that build-path for more regen focused builds. **New** **Knight's Vow** * {{item:3801}} + {{item:3801}} + {{item:1029}} + 800 G = 2400 G Total * +400 Health * +100% Base Health Regeneration * +20 Armor * Active :: Designate an ally as your *partner*. (90 second cooldown) * Passive :: If your partner is nearby, gain 40 additional armor and +15% movement speed while moving towards them. * Passive :: If your partner is nearby, heal for 12% of the damage they deal to enemy champions and redirect 12% of the damage your partner takes to you. This effect is halved for ranged champions. **Context:** Knight's Vow was created to directly fulfill the need for Support Tanks to protect their ally in a more continuous fashion. Knight's Vow is the defensive counterpart to Zeke's Harbinger - allowing you to benefit from their damage while defending them from incoming damage. The item grants you considerable power if your ally is around **and** alive in terms of Armor and Mobility. **Minor Gold adjustments for other shared Support items** {{item:3050}} **Zeke's Harbinger** * Combine Cost :: 480 >> 380 * Total Cost :: 2350 >> 2250 {{item:2302}} **Eye of the Oasis** * Combine Cost :: 550 >> **250** * Total Cost :: 2200 >> 1900 As the weakest of the Eye stone line -and- the one with the least intrinsic reasons to pickup, Eye of the Oasis could stand to have a niche carved out for it. This is an attempt at making 'super cheap' being its niche as people have expressed interest in that in the past with the Eyestone line. {{item:3069}} **Talisman of Ascension** * Combine Cost :: 450 >> 350 * Total Cost :: 2500 >> 2400 {{item:3110}} **Frozen Heart** * Combine Cost :: 800 >> 700 * Total Cost :: 2800 >> 2700
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