All Random URF for the RGM queue now live for testing on the PBE Heya guys ^_^/ All Random URF is now live on PBE for testing. Here&#039;s some notes on stuff we&#039;d like you guys to check out. **Randomisation:** ARURF uses the same selection mechanism as ARAM. If anyone isn&#039;t sure how ARAM&#039;s random work either, I&#039;ll detail below here: ARAM&#039;s RNG is true random from the champions you own + the free weekly rotation champs. There is no weighting on any groups or champs whatsoever. When using a reroll, you obviously can&#039;t reroll a champ that someone on your team already has, so the system randoms again from your remaining pool (you are also guaranteed to not reroll the exact same champion again, so your pool is technically n-1). Rerolled champs go back into the available pool for everyone else to random if they use any subsequent rerolls. **Rerolls:** Shared with ARAM for this first version, but we&#039;ll increase the cadence that rerolls are earned at for the weekend ARURF is live. **Champ Mastery:** Champ Mastery should be good to go, same as all other RGM modes. **Dodge timers:** Have been increased 20mins and 45mins for 1st and 2nd dodges respectively. I mean, the word &quot;random&quot; is in the mode&#039;s name. Be prepared to play whatever the dice rolls at you here. :) **Champ updates:** The following champs have been updated since last time. Kled Yorick Ryze Have also seen a lot of chatter around ARURF being aimed at &quot;balancing URF&quot;. This is not accurate. The pick type will have no impact on the relative strength of champions once in game . EG: If you random URF Yasuo and get into the game, he&#039;s not going to be any stronger than usual. He&#039;s still URF Yasuo. :( We are however hoping to see a more diverse selection of champions played. As a general rule, we don&#039;t balance RGM modes. If you&#039;re interested in our philosophy on not heavily balancing RGM modes, I have extra details here. I know that&#039;s a lot of finicky stuff but, we always appreciate your guys help for the RGM modes. Peace! >o</ -- L4T3NCY
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