Hello All! So as all of you know Ekko was released today, and with that we all get to think of ways to build him! Which is one of my favorite parts of league, so with that said I tried a few builds out before the servers died. But I want to hear what all of you have tried! Pictured are the runes and masteries I used. Below is what I found to work well for items. So I liked going Flask, 3 pots, Trinket like they recommend and starting with Q, Lvl 2 I go E because I like the mobility and Lvl 3 grab W. Now I tried both maxing Q first and maxing E first and what I found was if I am able to trade well while in aa range I max E first and rush Lichbane, If I am being poked out Ill max Q first and go Ludens first, getting basic boots when I can and then finishing them into Sorcs. I then finish whichever I didnt get first. I then tried Will of the Ancients, for the cd and spellvamp but decided that Gunblade was better, for the life steal on top of the spellvamp and active. Next I build nashors tooth to help proc his passive and more cdr is always nice. And cap it all off with a deathcap. Side note I do think that once the new scepter is available it will be a nice pick on him for some defensive stats and the MR reduction, just not sure what it would replace.. But I want to hear how you all are building so have at it in the comments below! {{champion:98}}
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