Duskblade of Draktharr [1/27]

This item is the attack damage version of Deathfire Grasp (DFG), in terms of stats and gold cost with an unique passive, the item is fine, the current unique passive should never be implemented to LIVE however as this passive can never be balanced, you will have a balance headache with this item. Talon and ESPECIALLY Zed will be drastically overpowered with this item, and you want an item that helps out someone like Kha'Zix which I consider as a true caster attack damage assassin. Maybe have the item play around a similar concept of the assassin mastery, be isolated from friends to gain more bonus attack damage; so the item will be low AD for its cost when with friends and high AD when on your own. I will give an example of my idea: **** > **Duskblade of Draktharr (3200g):** > Recipe: Serrated Dirk (1100g) + B.F. Sword (1300g) + 800g = 3200g > > Statistics: > +60 Attack Damage > +5% Movement Speed > +UNIQUE Passive: +10 Armor Penetration > +UNIQUE Passive: When not within 800 units of an ally champion gain +40 attack damage and +10 armor penetration. > > _Total stats when on your own would be: > +100 Attack Damage > +5% Movement Speed > +20 Armor Penetration_ **** Values can easily be adjusted and balanced, even if it means only in gold cost, but something like this will help out traditional caster attack damage assassins that actually need an item to help them out rather than make the already strong even stronger and not actually help out the other ones out at all. Most importantly it provides an item that would not be severely broken or repeat the mistake of Deathfire Grasp all over again. It does not have to be just stats, it can be an effect like Thunderlord's (so a short cooldown with it) instead that procs on ability cast on enemy champions; so a hybrid of thunderlord's and luden's echo. **** Another example for an attack damage caster item: > **Duskblade of Draktharr (3250g):** > Recipe: Serrated Dirk (1100g) + B.F. Sword (1300g) + 850g = 3250g > > Statistics: > +75 Attack Damage > +5% Movement Speed > +UNIQUE Passive: +10 Armor Penetration > +UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks and casting abilities grant blood, at 100 blood Nightfall is readied. > > Nightfall: Your next damaging ability that damages an enemy consumes 100 blood to cause Nightfall's dagger to fall at your current location to deal 100(+50%bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies that gets struck by the shockwave. [Shockwave Radius: 500 units] _I really like this concept as it provides a damage boost to caster attack damage champions like Kha'Zix without being overpowered or broken so it can be balanced reasonably and in a healthy spot for the game. To have more of a focus of an all-in assassin the bonus damage effect only can proc when so close to the enemy champion so that physical damage poke champions cannot abuse this item. And the charge up mechanic does not benefit from movement to encourage an aggressive way to charge it up, even if it is against minions/monsters most of the time to gain the blood for the oomph of damage. I like Statikk Shiv, Luden's Echo, and Dead Man's Plate mechanics for their passives; so making an attack damage version for casters will have a good item in the game that can remain in the game in a healthy way since the formula we know is already a success and Deathfire Grasp (and all its iterations) have been a balance nightmare to the point of its removal._ **** > **EDIT:** > > _Changed how my second idea works for the makings of a cool effect similar to Thunderlord's Decree, Statikk Shiv, and Luden's Echo have cool effects for their procs; also opens up more room for the passive to be used in different scenarios like jungle and wave clear._ > > _Now instead of granting bonus physical damage on the next damaging ability against enemy champions within 500 units of your location. The effect will be the next damaging ability that damages any enemy still consumes 100 blood, but causes a giant dagger to fall to YOUR location causing a shockwave to happen around you to deal physical damage to all enemies struck. So the damage still happens within 500 units of an enemy, but can happen against any enemy and not just enemy champions, on top of having a cool effect like Thunderlord's purple lightning you instead get a cool giant black dagger and shockwave. Everything still is focused around an aggressive all-in assassin rather than a Luden's Echo's ability to be a poke damage item and kiting mages; but now there is a super cool and fun item that is balanced and good for the game (rather than DFG mechanics which we already know cannot be balanced or is healthy for the game)!_
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