Kindred: Wolf stops Hunting

Per the passive : Wolf periodically hungers for and hunts jungle monsters. In a 30 minute match he hunted 4 camps and only during the first 15 minutes. After reaching 6 hunts (two from a champion) he no longer hunted jungle camps. Also, Wolf should howl/bark or make a noticeable noise/remark when hunting a target as hunt targets can go largely unnoticed unless you are constantly looking for the icon on the minimap. EDIT: Testing this bug with two methods. First: Grind jungle camps only basing to buy items. Ignore champions and lanes. Camp - Hunt mark time - Death time 1 -Enemy Raptor 230 313 2 -Enemy Raptor 453 541 3 -Dragon Scuttle 651 723 4 -Enemy Wolf 829 905 5 -Enemy Raptor 1010 1050 6 -Enemy Wolf 1156 1229 7- no mark. Should have spawned at 1330~1340 following this trend. Left game at 25 minutes. No seventh jungle mark Second Edit: Get 5 stacks from champs then kill marked jungle camp. Again, Wolf stops marking camps completely. so far 9 minutes without a camp mark. All tests show that Wolf stops passively marking camps at 6 stacks regardless of how you get the stacks. Marking champions for stacks still works but not jungle camps.
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