Project Skins, (possible) New Champ andmy thought in general

Hi, it's WarAxe. Monday, Riot realeases a new Skin teaser. They teases new project skins. They're actually some theory on wich champion will have a skin, but I want to show mine. We see PROJECT Zed, PROJECT Lucian, PROJECT Fiora and PROJECT Leona (or Kayle) but another mysterious skin without clues of what it can be. But I suspect it to be the teaser of Yone (Yasuo's brother). It has the same codename as Yasuo and when you open the page with a mobile it says a something like don't trust memeories (it fit with Yone's story). If it is a Yone teaser plz Riot don't make Yone a Hitachi Uchiwa. This champion can have a so much developped lore so plz don't fall in the easy cliché. And lastly I wanted to submit some balance changed that can be very healthy. Can you lower base damage on the Fizz's Fish but increase his damage amplification. It will force Fizz to comit more. High Risk, high reward. And plz add a global indicator (line Sion or Rek'Sai shout) to the Rengar ult. Rengar is actually quite frustrating so it will his opponent the feeling they made a mistake . That's all thanks for reading and have a good day on the Rift!
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