Yorick Update Feedback Thread

As we near release, I would like to thank everyone in this thread (and other threads). Yorick has gone through more significant iterations than normal in the pbe, and your feedback has been invaluable in shaping the AI and UI elements of the character. Much kudos to everyone. As Yorick heads to live, further feedback would also be very appreciated as we work on him post-release. Thanks again everyone and keep up the good work! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8/30 Experimenting with W Health bars. Feedback is greatly appreciated. We're trying out a health bar at the bottom to lower the probability that it will be obscured by the enemy's health bar. How weird is this and do you feel it's something you can get used to? 8/29 Added a background indicator for Q2 that shows Q cooldown Walkers and Maiden will now only 'push' a lane after they enter combat in that lane Bugfixes, such as Teemo shrooms now properly deal half damage to minions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8/26 Added a buff counter to track how many units have died near Yorick Q cd lowered to 7~5 from 8~6 E haste fixed at 20% from 10~20% Maiden will now only advance in a lane if Yorick or lane minions are in front of her Maiden will actively seek to assist Yorick in a large radius if he is in combat with an enemy champion Fixed a number of bugs (including pantheon ignoring Yorick ghouls with shield up) Keep the feedback coming! Especially the AI ones ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8/24 Fixed a bug that caused the Maiden AI to respond slowly or not at all to Yorick's attacks Maiden now responds to Yorick attacks on non-champions/monsters WIP: Maiden logic that prevents her from suiciding into a turret without other minions or Yorick ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all, as the Yorick update hits PBE I would like to gather feedback as always. While all feedback are valuable and we highly encourage you to leave them, personally I am looking for improvements in the following areas and feedback on them will be extra helpful. 1) AI Walkers (the small ghouls) are intended to be dumb and predictable. But if they are behaving in ways that are SO stupid, please let me know! (Think of minion level AI) Maiden (the wraith) is intended to be much smarter, and it is here where your suggestions can be put to very good use. As you run into issues with the Maiden's AI drop it here with the kind of behavior you want in the situation. (Note: We are never going to give it pro level AI, so she's not going to orbwalk from the enemy jax on her :p) 2) Clarity Visibility of minions, Health bar visibility, General Clutter. These are important points that we've wrestled during the character's development. We would love your feedback in these areas! 3) Bugs Obviously the character is rather complicated behind-the-scenes. Keep up with the bug reports! 4) Balance Related How strong does he feel in a split push vs teamfight? How strong does he feel 1v1 against certain champions? Do you find the Maiden split (sending her alone) useful at all? Easy/hard to defend against?
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