New Health Bar! (10/31/2013)

Update: Thanks for all the feedback. We’d like to provide some more context around these changes. **Story time:** • If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a Rocket Grab you probably know that moment of panic where you try to figure out, “Where am I?” • In a team fight you may have had a split second of confusion – unable to differentiate between friend or foe in the scrum. • When you’re dueling the enemy Ashe and your eyes are locked onto her healthbar, you need to know how close you are to death with only a glance so you can pop Barrier at the right moment. • Maybe you’ve watched a stream or LCS match and then jump into your own game where things look a little different. When we approached this Health Bar rework these are the issues we were looking to tackle and improve. They boil down to: Identification, info priority, and unified views. **Solution Time:** **Identification** In a team fight or when a bro rolls into camera view you need to be able to answer these questions in a flash: • Where am I? • Is that a friend or foe? • What’s their relative strength (level / health pool)? Here we used color, shape, and text treatment to help you do that at a glance. **Info Priority** Pretty simple; health needs to pop. It has to be a first read along with team identification, and players need to be able to get that information out of the corner of their eye. **Unified Views** Colorblind mode is kind of a big deal. You see it on streams and LCS all the time. We wanted to take the opportunity to move toward unifying those experiences - so we got a little colorblind mode in your default view. Now health bars for friendlies are blue, and health bars for enemies are red. Before this, non-colorblind made everything green (for friendly) or red (for enemies) while colorblind made everything blue (for friendly) or red (for enemies). We’ve just merged the two while trying to make sure your own health bar stands out in the crowd. Look for us to be doing additional work on unifying colorblind and non-colorblind displays in the future. **Feedback Time:** So from the feedback it looks like you recognize the clarity gains to be had here. That said, we also want to mention that we are aware of how visible and important Health Bars are in our game. Change is always tough and we are looking at all of your feedback to identify high value tweaks to hit our goals while minimizing disruption. Even after we make changes and push this to live, we’ll be keeping a close eye on these things to make sure they’re always presenting the right information in the fastest way possible. ------------------ Hey folks, We've updated player health bar frames and colors, and are in the process of adding a few features as well. * Old colors * Player is green or blue (colorblind). * Allies are green or blue (colorblind). * Enemies are red. * New colors * Player is green or gold (colorblind). * Allies are blue. * Enemies are red. In addition to this, hovering over a unit will now display a highlight around the health bar *as well as* the unit itself. A picture is worth a thousand words, so be sure to check out the attachment (or in-game) and give us your feedback!
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