The explanation as to why Shen's Rework is so utterly disappointing.

Alright, so some of us who remember who Shen is, between the old days and the new days, we know him as a Tanky Duelist that won most of his fights by attrition. He pushed lanes and could still help in teamfights any time he wished. It was the fact that he could forcibly survive most contact through careful use of his sustain, shielding, and taunt initiated damage reduction. There are many tanks that do this already, they do it well, it is just less engaging for most of them. (Olaf just drops Ragnarok and busts off as much lifesteal as possible and survives through sheer force of will, for example.) ----- So lets look at it from this perspective. We must compare old Shen to new Shen. The mishmash that this rework is. All this rework is is a moving of his bits and pieces around to fit in places where they shouldn't be. ---- **Passive -OLD-** Ki Strike. Auto attack modifier that did damage based on his bonus health. Reduced its own cooldown on autos, more of a reduced cooldown when his shield was active. **Q -OLD-** Vorpal Blade is a ranged component that allowed him to poke from a range at a cost to his survivability, last hit for a small health return or he applies a regenerative mark on an enemy where he may strike it and increase his health regen drastically. **W -OLD-** Shield. Standard shield. You apply it, it soaks damage, lasts for three seconds, not too much absorption, but it's on a five second cooldown. **E -OLD-** Dash and a taunt, applies a damage reduction to Shen's taunted targets and returns a sizable amount of the energy cost upon champion contact. **R -OLD-** Global teleport targeted at an ally, channels and moves Shen after three seconds that immediately applies a shield to the targeted ally. -------- **Passive - NEW -** They took the old shield from his W, removed it from an active cooldown, which means it's unlikely you'll have it when you need it during an engage. There is no interaction with this other than it being activated by spellcast. **Q - NEW-** They took the effect of his old passive, except moved it to a three charge effect on activation, reduced its damage, applied a percentile damage effect. It also redirects his spirit blade. It deals a flat "bonus damage" to minions and monsters. **W -NEW-** Completely new. Only interaction with leveling is a CDR, activation gives a radial protection for a little under two seconds. It mitigates autos, but if you're trying to deal with abilities, you will be laughed at. **E -NEW-** Dash taunt, same exact thing as its old iteration, only they removed his damage reduction on taunt. **R -NEW-** The exact same thing as his old global teleport. ------ So what is his old kit missing? Any big red flags? >"Where is the Sustain?" Non-existant. > "Where is his reactive mitigation?" Hope you like mashing W, because that's all you're going to get. >"Where is his pushing power?" He lost that, unless you consider three hits every once in a while a clearance device. >"Poke?" He lost that when he lost his sustain tool. ------- Basically, Give him back a means of sustain that is reasonable with his now completely forced melee combat (Darius can heal 36% of his health on a Q for god's sake). This will significantly boost his survivability, especially considering he lost so much on the taunt damage reduction removal and the removal of an adequate "on demand" shield. The champion lost much of his outright damage in all of the early and mid game, lost all of his on-demand damage mitigations (which both heavily relied on his energy management.), and it feels like his taunt is more narrow than the average microfracture that grows in my teeth every time I have to play against a Darius. You can't take away all of his ability to do while taking his away his ability to try and mitigate what others try to do. ----- With you giving the > "We wanted to give Shen and his opponent more things to do and think about during each game." excuse, you took away all of what Shen has to think about and only gave the opponent more. >"Where is his sword at?" "Is he dodging?" "Will he miss taunt?" "He missed taunt" "That taunt should have hit me." "Oop, he's warping, I'll stun him." "Captains Log #98921: Stun is effective" Whereas with Shen >Re-position the sword Make sure it's where an ally can get to safety and fight from Activate the fiel- it's already over :l Uh... TAUNT! Alright, now I'm more than half dead. I can try porting to an ally fighting someone else. Oh right, I have no mitigations other than a shield that's up every so often that blocks pretty much nothing and a dodge mechanic that's designed to help allies more than myself. Am I a tank or a mage? Basically, for a tank, he looks messy on paper, and in practice, having to build AP to do any damage or shielding for allies, or build as much regen as possible to maintain a health level that is somewhere above a drowned Wharf Rat, makes for a really poor gameplay feel.
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