[Yasuo] What does AIRBORNE really mean?

Riot should really change the tool tip for Yasuo because he can ULT on most all forms of CC that aren't effected by Tenacity. And many of these moves I would hardly consider to be putting the enemy "Airborne" I mean how high in the air are you really after being hit by a Hecarim Q or what I always thought was being dragged around by a Thresh hook (nope apparently you are in the air). In my opinion it is quite ridiculous on how flimsy riots definition of airborne is. I believe that an enemy champion needs to move a certain distance vertically within the skill to be considered airborne. It doesn't seem like much skill when you can blindly ult off the smallest displacements in other peoples skills. Especially ones that have really good range and you literally can't see coming. COUGH COUGH TRUNDLE PILLARS COUGH COUGH
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