Dark harvest does a little too much damage

I recently came off a game as Morgana and I was with a Vayne who was using this keystone, we went into a fight where I missed nearly all my abilities and yet Vayne still came out with two kills. the gamechanger? Dark harvest It gave her **absurd** damage on her auto attacks with something as little a large minion kill, and it still scales infinitely? This is insane, I've seen other champs abuse this before, but I've never seen it this close before. This should either be toned down or reworked otherwise we're going to have another black cleaver/thunderlords scenario. BTW resolve masteries could use a little tuning up as well, you could take the Armor and MR masteries and put them into the same slot as an adaptive bonus like with ad/ap boosts. Also the other masteries don't really feel great either.
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