My Impressions on Kalista's Ultimate

I've been having a lot of fun with Kalista , most of her kit seems solid to me right now, except her ultimate. I've gotten a couple people to agree with me and I feel it needs to be stressed more that it's not what it could be. Here are my general feelings towards Kalista's ultimate: * It relies too much on your oathsworn's ability as a player. If your oathsworn doesn't know how to use it it will be catastrophic. * I don't think it fits her uber-mobile playstyle 1. It feels clunky, particularly to use as the support. 1. It never seems to be impactful and/or it gets me or my oathsworn killed * Part of this seems to be that it does no damage; A medium range knockup that's hard to use is difficult to make useful * Another Issue is that I simply don't find myself using it very often. Outside of laning phase, It's only an option about 50% of the time and often it's not a good time to throw my support into a fight. Being able to use it on other players or simply giving the ultimate more practical uses for an ad carry would be more beneficial. 1. It doesn't give her a sizable power spike like many other ad carries. Anyways, hopefully this can be discussed and we can foresee a more useful ultimate or at least figure out how to use it well the way it is.
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