Central Feedback Thread for Viktor Gameplay Update

Changelist (Generally will be reflected in the next day's PBE patch) (9/15) Played up the size of the explosions on the augmented Death Ray BUGFIX: Creator Viktor's augmented Death Ray will again have a unique sound (9/11) AP on each upgrade of the Hex Core reduced to 20 from 25 (Perfect is now 168 AP from 183) Base damage on Q empowered attack changed to 20~210 from 15~250 Augment E explosions start faster (0.25 seconds faster to be precise) BUGFIX: Q empowered attack properly procs Lich Bane BUGFIX: Q empowered attack no longer works on structures BUGFIX: Put back missing Siphon Power shield particles on Creator Viktor skin BUGFIX: Creator Viktor's Death Ray makes a distinct sound again BUGFIX: Fixed R becoming too chaotic -------------------------------------------------------- Are you excited for the Glorious Evolution? We will be collecting your feedback here to make it easy for everyone. Below are some central points of feedback that we are most interested in but feel free to offer others! **When you give feedback, please state the extent of your familiarity with Viktor** (Plays often, has played once or twice, never played) as I am very interested in what effects the changes have on players of differing familiarity level. 1. How do you feel about his abilities working with each other, do they have a natural flow to them? 2. How enticing are the augments in various points in the game? When / what do you think is the best time / order to upgrade them? 3. Do you notice an improvement in the usability of Chaos Storm? / How does Chaos Storm feel to use for you as a player new to Viktor? 4. Is the empowered attack's damage on Siphon Power adequate during throughout the game? If not, when does it feel out of line? 5. Do you feel a noticeable power spike at a certain point in the game? If so, when do you feel it?
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