Mordekaiser Change Summary & Feedback Thread

Hey PBE'ers, Let's discuss the planned Mordekaiser changes now on PBE. For further context, check out the Juggernaut Dev Blog. Changes: General Recommended Items updated Base Stats (Nerf) MS 340 >>> 325 (Nerf) HP 555 >>> 525 (Buff) HP/lvl 73 >>> 80 (Buff) AD/lvl 3.5 >>> 5 (Nerf) AS/lvl 2.6 >>> 2.2 (Buff) HP5 3.3 >>> 4 (Buff) HP5/lvl 0.3 >>> 0.55 (Buff) Range 125 >>> 200 (Buff) Armor/lvl 2.7 >>> 3.0 (Nerf) Base AS 0.694 >>> 0.6 Attack Frame improved, but no longer scales as well with Attack Speed (Attack Frame should feel more consistent across game time) Passive: Shield decay per second now 2% of base hp (up from 3% max shield) Shield no longer decays below 25% Max shield from per level to 25% of max HP Shield generation is now 25% of damage dealt, from 35% Q: Now buffs Mordekaisers next 3 attacks. Each does 2x-3x the bonus damage of the last, increasing with spell rank (e.g., at rank 5 if the first hit deals 100 bonus damage, the third deals 900 bonus damage). W: Reworked New passive: Mordekaiser receives full experience from any lane minion he kills New active -- Harvesters of Sorrow: Mordekaiser and target ally champion gain 75 MS while moving toward one another. When close to one another, both deal magic damage to nearby enemies over 4 seconds. Ability can be reactivated to instantly deal ~40% of the total DoT and heal Mordekaiser and his ally for the damage dealt (heal takes 3 units maximum; 33% heal to minions) Health cost removed. E: Base damage reduced from 70/115/160/205/250 >>> 35/65/95/125/155 Now also scales with 0.6 total AD Cooldown from 6 >>>> 6/5.75/5.5/5.25/5 Now grants 15% of maximum shield on champion hits Range 650 >>> 675 No longer hits units that walk out of the spell's range Now indicates its area of effect on spell cast R: Added: Passive -- Dragon Force: Dealing damage to the Dragon curses it. If Mordekaiser’s team kills a cursed target, Mordekaiser gets a ghost of that target. Ghost duration up from 30 >>>45/60/75 Planned: Ghost scaling cleaned up [This is not yet on PBE] Updates: As part of the re-work, I fixed a bug that caused Mordekaiser's E to hit units even when they left its area of effect. This left the spell's effective range feeling too short. Siphon of Destruction: Range 650 >> 675. This should be available the next time we patch to PBE. Additionally, Children of the Grave felt like a bit of a wet noodle with reduced base damage, less access to ability power and percent penetration. Call of the Grave: Base damage now buffed slightly from Live values. On PBE: 19/24/29% >>> 25/30/35% max HP damage
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