[Balance suggestion] Why does Mercurial Scimitar have lifesteal?

Right now, too many items have lifesteal on them. I'm all for lifesteal, it lets champions sustain damage they take in fights: But let's not get carried away. Right now the Kreygasmic link between crits and lifesteal is way too large. I'd suggest this: Lifesteal above 5% only works against champions (the first 5% works against minions and monsters) and you can only heal 35% of your max HP within 2 seconds through lifesteal. Right now the game is get crit, get lifesteal, buy armour. This is literally on every champion. I saw an enemy team and every single member had an armour item. I do love this patch, I really do, but please either give more grievous wounds options, make it easier for mages to burst AD champs, or just nerf lifesteal. MERC DOESN'T NEED LIFESTEAL, it already removes CC and gives MR and AD. Why does it have lifesteal. In fact, that's what I'm renaming this thread.
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