Why the Sejuani Rework is disappointing. Thoughts from a long time Sejuani Main.

[Posted this to reddit aswell](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/67wf85/why_the_sejuani_rework_is_disappointing_and_why/) but I feel like this is the place to actually post something if I want my thoughts to be heard so Ill summarize a bit here. **WHAT WORKS** * New passive is crazy strong but more than just being strong, it feels noticeable, and I care when it is up or down. * New W is more interactive in a teamfight scenario than old W. * W and E max are almost equal in terms of damage done, so it feels nice to be able to say "I want to max E for better ganks, or W for better jungle clear". Sej was already able to do this on live, but its good to see this has remained. * Sejuani actually has more CC than before now which is one of the main goals of the tank update. Against a single target she can apply a total of 4 seconds of stun, and .25 seconds of knockup. **WHAT DOESNT WORK** * New Sejuani doesnt have anything unique about her except from her passive. All of her new abilities are actually just a rehash of another ability already in the game which makes her feel like a Frankenstein of other characters mashed into one and put into another moba. * The goals of this update were stated as being making Bristle feel like an important part of the champion, making Sejuani not an ult bot, and making Sejuani feel thematically more like a warband leader. Sadly, almost all of these have fallen super flat. Bristle still is just for moving over walls or charging at an enemy and could honestly be replaced with Skarl, a Horse, or a large dog and no one would feel any different. Bristle has as much interaction with the champion kit as he did before. As for the other 2 points, Sejuani is still mainly an ult bot, the only difference now is that he utli isn't as good, so instead she's become a machine that throws out old style point and click Taric stuns mindlessly. Thematically I guess she feels a bit more like a warband leader, but it feel that's only because she does more damage now. * New Passive Frost Armor is much more significant in terms of gameplay, so it has to be more noticeable. Sadly it looks REALLY bad of most of Sejuani's new skins. Turning various random parts of Sejuani's mount sky blue looks and feels pretty bad, though it is very noticeable when its up and down, so functionally it works. * New W is clunky to use while both jungling and in fights. Im not sure if this is because of the delay between attacks or because the range indicator feels incorrect. * New W does physical damage for some reason, which makes it feel pretty bad compared to current live W and makes me less likely to want to build an Abysssals or run Magic Pen reds, despite them likely still being the best rune setup to run. If riot is afraid of people running AP Sejuani again, simply reduce the magic scaling and up the base damage while changing it back to AP. * New E feels clunky in the way that old W was, im not sure if its on the AA timer for some reason, but it feels like stunning a target always happens on an awkward delay, even for a ranged ability, this is on both jungle camps and champions. * New R feels less like an ultimate. Sadly just because of how the new ulti works, you will never get the same satisfaction when you hit the 5 man sejuani or Malphite ulti and single handedly win the teamfight. * New R actually does more damage to a single target if you miss them than if you hit them with the bola. **THOUGHTS ABOUT JUNGLING:** * So oddly enough, E start is by far the best for jungling, while you might expect it would still be W since its her primary and most interactive ability, the mana cost is too high and the damage is too low. Almost every time I tried a clear taking W at level 1 I found that my clear was about 10 seconds slower than the same clear path and items than if I were to take E. Because of this, you spend almost all of your time jungling just using auto attacks and waiting for the 10s stun immunity to wear off on enemies, which I guess gives you more time to look at the minimap, but in general feels REALLY bad. * It feels significantly harder as a jungler now to combo an ability at the same time as your smite for a safer secure since so much of Sejuani's damage comes from attacking a frozen target, which is unreliable in dragon or baron fights since it goes on a 10s cooldown per target. **FINAL THOUGHTS:** Right now on PBE (4/26 update), Sejuani is just a very overtuned ball of stats, and its apparent. Shes strong currently, the problem is that she feels bad to use while being strong, meaning that in 1-2 months when she gets nerfed, shes just going to feel like a weaker, more broken and clunky version of what she is right now on live. I understand the decision to try and change some of her abilities, but to be honest I dont see why everything has to become a ripoff of other champions abilities. The new W is just a longer range Rengar Q when it could have just been the first hit that it currently is, and then the spinning AoE damage from live. Which would also make her fell less like a burst damage tank. Her new E is just a bad clunky mix between a Braum passive and an old Taric point and click stun, which doesn't make any sense because neither of those abilities felt anywhere near as awkward as this one does to use. Her ulti feels like a gimic ability now instead of an ultimate, before it was a really strong fight initiator, now I would much rather use it to stun someone after I've already stunned them with my E to get a second hit of % hp damage and extend the lockdown on them rather than using it to start a fight. Overall I think that the rework can be saved, but a lot of it is going to come down to balancing out the numbers probably by taking some of the strength out of her attacking frozen enemies passive damage, and putting it into her other abilities, making her W and E feel better, and maybe not making her Q feel like the isolated part of her kit that's only there because we didn't know how to change it. Even making it so that hitting someone with her Q put on a stack of her passive the same way it used to would make it feel like its a part of the same champion, but right now it doesn't.
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