Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread

Hey guys, This thread is to discuss Caitlyn's changes with the upcoming season. They should be on PBE tomorrow (Oct. 29). As a preview, I'll summarize the changes and why we are doing them. Major Changes: Base stats All marksmen have received some base stat adjustments; Caitlyn is no exception. Caitlyn's auto-attacks scale 10% less well with bonus attack speed. P 1. Caitlyn's Headshot now scales in damage with her Crit Chance (so at 50% crit chance, it deals +100% damage). 2. _Caitlyn can fire a double-range Headshot at targets she has trapped or netted by auto-attacking them._ This is independent from her normal Headshot. Q Piltover Peacemaker's missile is now narrow, but blooms into its old wide self on first target hit. Damage up by about 20% on the first hit, but falls off harder on the follow up hits. W 1. _Traps are now on an ammo system with a very short cooldown but longer recharge time_, allowing Caitlyn to quickly set up a fortress of traps but then leaving her without traps for a much longer time if pushed away from them. 2. Traps no longer deal damage -- instead, they interact with your passive. E Cooldown unchanged, but we drained some power and reliability from this spell to make room for power elsewhere. The net missile is a bit narrow, shorter, slower, and deals less damage. Now interacts with your passive. R is unchanged Why are we trying these changes? We think Caitlyn is in a good spot balance and play pattern-wise, but she isn't perfect. 1. Caitlyn’s play pattern is enjoyable, but indistinct. Let’s give the Caitlyn player more things they can master that someone familiar with marksmen generally won’t immediately pick up. Let's do that while still making her about her auto-attack. 2. Caitlyn tends to feel either endlessly oppressive or inconsequential. Let’s enhance her laning phase strengths (dominance and fast pushing), but create some meaningful win conditions for the opponent that involve not just outlasting but actively disrupting that plan. 3. Caitlyn has at times been the safe sieger and at times been the blood boil hypercarry. Let’s give her a clearer late-game identity from peer marksmen, focused on zone control to make her the premiere sieger. 4. As always, let's enhance our champion's thematic identity, in this case Caitlyn as sharpshooter.
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