Experimental preseason 2015 changes hitting the PBE over the next few days

Hey everyone, For the next couple weeks we’ll be putting out a lot of **experimental** work on the PBE as we ramp up to the 2015 preseason. As a reminder: some changes will be a bit disruptive - some *very* disruptive - but the preseason is our annual opportunity to deepen the League of Legends experience (remember our changes from last year?), so we’re excited to be sharing some early iterations with you. Also keep in mind that these changes are still pretty early in development, so expect a good amount of temporary - or re-used - art, sound and other assets. In some cases this might make new things harder to understand (sorry!) and we’ll try to get them cleared up as soon as we can. We’ll also be kicking off this PBE deploy with a series of preseason ‘forecasts’ to give some narrative structure for where we’re heading. More official communications will roll out when we get closer to the real start of preseason (so if you just want to know what’s *definitely* on the table, come back in a month or two), but If you want to get a peek behind the curtains of our 2015 development, read on. Overall, this preseason we’re looking for ways to support more **strategic diversity** in League. “Strategic diversity” is a pretty broad - and kind of vague - term so, to make sure we’re on the same page, we’ll be breaking it down in this series of posts. When we talk about strategic diversity, we’re really focused on the ways you look to win - the paths to victory your team walks. Players have discovered many viable strategies during League’s lifetime, like teamfight-focused (deathball) strats, split pushing, siege / poke, objective control, and more. In the past, however, when one of the aforementioned strategies was dominant, we didn’t have a lot of ways to bring it back in line other than nerfing the champions that were critical to its success (think Shen back in his split push heyday). So this time around with the 2015 preseason we want to add *more* tools to the game so that teams can continue to innovate while, at the same time, we can properly tune when strategies are over (or under) performing. In other words, by creating more paths for players we also end up with more balancing points we can use to make sure that multiple strategies exist without just stomping out the competition. More importantly, this means we have more ways to give power to strategies that seem too weak. So broadly speaking - and we’ll get a little deeper on some of these topics over the next few days - we’ll be experimenting with changes to objectives (like towers, dragon, and baron), the jungle (a new camp, spawn times, difficulty, items, rewards… well, all of it really), items (more situationally powerful actives!) and some core systems (stats per level, death timers, how health / mana regen works). Reiterating our high-level goals here: we’re going to be laying a foundation on which we can support more strategic diversity, no matter what champions we play on the updated Rift. Look forward to more focused forecasts in the next few days, and we’d love to hear your thoughts as our first wave of changes roll out! Happy experimenting!
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