New Sightstone Upgrades Comparison to Support Versions

I'm surprised no one has made a topic about the new Sightstone "upgrades"! Words in brackets are the Sightstone versions of the Support items. All purchase prices are the same. Limited to 1 of these items. **Talisman of Ascension (Eye of the Oasis)** _100% Health Regen (150% Health Regen) 100% Mana Regen (150% Mana Regen) 10% CDR (200 Health) Passive - Favour - 6 Gold + 10 Health if near minion death (Same for both) Active - +40% Movespeed for 3 Seconds (Stealth Ward)_ This might be the only Sightstone upgrade that is even close to being on par with support version. Higher regens for both Health and Mana. Swap CDR for Health. Lose the active for wards. Now I said this is the closest and the only champ that I can see even thinking about building this would be Blitz, which benefits way more from the CDR and the movespeed active then the 200 Health. **Face of the Mountain (Eye of the Equinox)** _450 Health (500 Health) 100% Health Regen (Same for both) 10% CDR (None for new item) +2 Gold per 10 (None for new item) Passive - Execute minion for 50 Health plus kill gold (Same for both) Active - Grant 10% Max Health shield, shield explodes for 40% 2 second slow (Stealth Ward) _ This one is a no brainer, there is zero reason to get the Sightstone version, unless switching them late game if you have a surplus of gold and want to buy another tank item. But then you lose out on the gold from the original purchase of the support item. **Frost Queens Claim** _50 AP (25AP) 150% Mana Regen (Same for both) 10% CDR (200 Health) +2 Gold per 10 seconds (Same for both) Passive - Spells/Attacks against building/champions deal 15 extra damage and grant 15 Gold (Same for both) Active - 2 Ghosts seek champions, slowing them 40$ for 2.5 seconds (Stealth Ward)_ Once again, a no brainer. Lower AP, no CDR and no active. Way more important stats are found on the support version than the Sightstone version. From what I can see, there truly is no reason to build the Sightstone version of these items over the support version, at all. Inferior stats and the loss of the actives just hurts them way too much to be worth the same amount of gold. Maybe if they lowered the price on the Sightstone versions it might help a little bit . They definitely make the "Sightstone slot" more efficient but the lack of being about to buy 2 gold income items hardly makes it worth buying. Maybe making them have identical stats but just lose the active for wards? Or at least give them the CDR back? What I was hoping for when I heard that Sightstone was getting new upgrade paths, was the ability to have multiple versions of the Ruby Sightstone. For example, upgrade Sightstone with Cloth Armour and have Ruby Sightstone give the Health plus some armour. Have versions for Armour, Magic Resist, AP, AD, etc... That way the slow would be much more efficient and wouldn't interfere with your starting support item. _**TL;DR:** Sightstone upgrades are worse than the support versions. Better off buying both items still. Was hoping for different versions of Ruby Sightstone with Armour, Magic Resist, AP, AD, etc..._ What's your opinion of the new Sightstone upgrades?
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