**Essence reaver**: very nice item, i think it have a good balance between price and stats, i hate the proc sound, is annoying as hell. **Blade of the ruined king**: Broken like no other item ever, 8% is too much, i dont know why youre trying to change an item that needed 2 full months to be balanced, unless you want to launch a broken item again in order to screw us and make the life of every non adc useless and miserable. **Bloodthirster**: interesting change, but youre making those changes thinking only on adcs, youre not thinking on bruisers that use BT, every single fighter, like riven, pantheon, fiora, with a BT and some defensive items like GA, banshees and or thornmail, can become a troublesome thing to solve, just because the shield they will get will be more efective due to higher defensive stats than adcs. **Randuins omen**: seriously, do you want every melee bruiser to be kitted to death by every single adc? the nerfs will make warmogs + thornmail a must go, just because randuis will not be enough to handle the buff on the adcs, 10% as reduction is less than nothing if youre buffing the as of the ad itemization, and on top of that, youre removing the passive slow on hit that helped melee bruisers reach their targets to peel in a teamfight or flee from an adc chasing them.
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