[Feedback] Atlantean Syndra is not up to par.

I am a syndra main, and i love her to death. I was so excited when this skin came out onto the PBE server. It had a very dark nautical theme and i understood that because of syndras lore. However it was taken off probably because the model was not sufficiently well done. Today the Splash art was released onto the PBE and i am very very disappointed by the color palette and design of the in game model. Also now that the splash is out, Atlantean Syndra's model looks even worse. Her skirt or back fin are/is very Greenish and makes her look like a rotten fish from the depths. I really dislike the coloring of the fin portions and her skin is WAY too blue and needs to have more reds and white added. Atlantean's are mermen and mermaids, they do not have blue skin unless they are fishlike. The dark blues and Ultramarines look amazing in the splash, but there is no correlation from the splash to the model in terms of color balance and unity. Her hair in game is too bright and contrasts with her dull greenish areas very poorly. She needs more darker blue and a higher key on her skin tone, the contrast this and re doing the coloring on her back fins and related features would make this skin out of the world. This is not to degrade whoever did the model but this is for the best interest in the skin and the champion i truly love to play. I hope something can happen with my feedback, but i guess there is a high chance nothing will change, ty for reading what i have to say.
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