Phase Rush is now: Hit an enemy with 3 attacks or separate abilities to get 15% ~ 40% movement speed and 75% slow resistance (melee-only) for 3 seconds. 15 second cooldown Stormraider's Surge: Deal 30% of a champion's maximum health within 2.5 seconds to get 40% bonus movement speed and 75% Slow Resist for 3 seconds. 10 second cooldown ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what's the point of the new Phase Rush if the old Stormraider's is better? Was there really any reason to nerf Stormraider's? Most of the keystones were supposed to be stronger versions of ones we have on live, you know, except for this one now. You also took away DFT for some reason, so if possible, can you at least give a good keystone for Morde now? DFT and Stormraiders were his core keystones before, but he can't do much with the new runes. Might as well start running Harvester on Morde, because he really needs more damage, right? It's a pretty broken keystone right now anyways
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