[FEEDBACK]Relic Shield : double item issue.

In this PBE patch the charge time of Relic shield was increased to 60 seconds. While I agree that this item is providing quite some early game strength, I don't think this way will address the issue in the most efficient and rewarding way . The most frequently reported issue is that both players on botlane pick the Relic Shield, and in this case when both players use all theirs stack with efficiency, the power of the Relic shield spikes up both in terms of health regeneration and gold income, as the Marksman is executing minions he would have last hitted anyway, but now those minions grant bonus gold to the Support, on top of the bonus gold the support can gain while using the Relic Shield as intended. I think that the nerf on the charge time won't really address the above issue: it could also backfire. Now that as a support the player with the shield can't heal the marksman as often, it would be almost better to let the marksman player, or anyway the "farming" player take the item, as he will last hit minions anyway. I think the charge time is actually fine as it is, but something should be done to prevent people to abuse the mechanic by picking it on the marksman (it makes no sense for a marksman to start with a shield, considering in what it does build). **I suggest making the stack time resetted when last hitting a minion, so that a marksman cannot charge more stacks while last-hitting. ** IMHO this would make the item less valuable for him as he would be unable to spoonfeed his support just by last hitting, unless he wait between waves to recharge his shield. Considering that a marksman wouldn't be able to last hit 6 minions in 30 seconds without resetting the charge timer all the time, he would only be able to gain 1 stack between each minion wave. Perhaps the item is too strong , and it should be nerfed anyway, but IMHO it already loses in lategame gold generation to both his rivals, and even early game it allows interesting interactions as most champions who want to pick it are melee so they have to think carefully about exposing themselves to last hit. {{item:3302}}
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