My AESTHETIC Review and Suggestions for Vel'Koz

1. Needs an interaction with Malzahar and Kog'maw. So far, none confirmed. 2. I'm kinda getting tired of these Nodding Head dances and it's really unoriginal. Because of how wobbly his tentacles are, would it be possible to change his dance into Michigan J. Frog's dance, possibly while humming some variation of "Hello, My Baby"? His third arm could maybe mimic his classic hat dance as well but instead, he pulls out his Eyeball since it's his most notable feature. For such a popular Pop Culture Icon, I'm surprised (borderline offended) that his essence has not been graced into the LoL community. For you poor uncultured souls, here's a video: Chuck Jones is a saint. 3. And idea for Battlecast Vel'kox regarding his laugh: Because of the nature of his appearance, I can't help but think about the Tripods in War of The Worlds when it comes to him. Maybe for his Battlecast Laugh, start it off with the Tripod Horn and fade it into a laugh. Sound found here: 4. Vel'Koz's in-game icon needs to be zoomed out and perhaps darkened a little. His purple eye contrasts the color of the minimap quite harshly. 5. Battlecast Vel'koz is EXTREMELY difficult to understand especially when he begins a phrase. It's only after the fact that he continues talking that my brain kinda pieces his vocal pitches and tones that I understand what he's saying. 6. This isn't my suggestion, in fact, it's LuluDammit's idea posted here: This would be an utterly FANTASTIC addition. Perhaps an announcer voice over as well instead of just text. Hell, just have the VO of Vel'koz do it himself like he took over for the Announcer for the Pentakill. 7. Zoom out on Vel'koz's champion select picture. 8. I know his texture's are still under development, but please don't miss the opportunity to make his eye's glow as well as the tip's of his tentacles. This applies to both of his skins. 9. I find the sound of Default Vel'koz's E to be very underwhelming compared to any of his surrounds, his other abilities, and other champion abilities: I've been messing with some audio files and, well, it's really hard to explain the full sound as a whole so first I want you to think of the deep sound of Nasus new AOE DOT. Just the deep impact. I was thinking for Vel'koz's E, it might make a sound like this: but much louder and much quicker follow by an eerie or spacial explosion. I actually found a really good video with spacial impact sounds. I marked the most ideal one for the sound I'm thinking of here: and of course much quicker and probably less tinny. I call the first sound a "swell". I've heard the perfect swelling sound years and years ago but haven't been able to find it again for the life of me. 10. I'm not sure if you guys implemented them onto the PBE or not or if you don't have any at all; Vel'koz could really use some more idle animations. *For 2,3, and 6,* to be frank, these are amazing opportunities that you really shouldn't pass up. We have great ideas. Let us build up a champion that we want :3 *IF YOU'RE UNABLE TO VOTE FOR MORE THAN ONE OPTION, LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE OTHER ONES THAT YOU SUPPORT!* Don't forget to upvote!
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